What makes Big Sur Screenwriting Workshops so special?  Glad you asked.

World-class faculty of award-winning screenwriters and producers

It is unlikely you’ll find a more accomplished, experienced, and brilliant faculty than that of the Big Sur Screenwriting Workshop.  There’s Tom Abrams,  the Emmy Award-winning writer of “Rugrats;” Michael Polish, the preeminent independent American filmmaker and screenwriter; Deborah Baron, the writer responsible for such television hits as “Major Dad” and “Cagney and Lacy;” and Michael Taylor, the Chair of Film and Television Production at the USC School of Cinematic Arts (just to name a few; click here for the full faculty list.)

But there’s more.  The workshop also includes a presentation by Oscar-winning cinematographer (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”) Vilmos Zsigmond.

A program designed for screenwriters by screenwriters

The workshops are designed in collaboration with experienced industry professionals and academics with a focus on finished or partially-finished works that need critiquing, revising, and general editorial guidance.Faculty will identify and focus on areas for your screenplay’s improvement, be it plot, character development, or overall structure, while soliciting constructive feedback from your peers. Participants will emerge from these sessions with a screenplay that is more vibrant, powerful, and compelling from when they first walked in.

A hands-on, intensive model where writers work closely with the industry’s best 

It isn’t very often you can sit across the table and receive one-on-one feedback from an Academy Award-winning screenwriter.
But with Big Sur Screenwriting Workshops, that’s exactly what you get.

Unlike other workshops, which include dull lectures in cavernous auditoriums, our participants work directly with at least three faculty members throughout the weekend.  The ratio of faculty-to-writers is five to one or better, and no two writers have the same experience.

This intensive and rigorous model has been honed by our sister group, the wildly popular Big Sur Writing Workshop for children to young adults, which has enjoyed over 15 years of incredible success.  Check out dozens of satisfied alumni testimonials here.

Helping screenwriters navigate a competitive and crowded industry

We’re intimately aware of the commercial aspect of screenplay pitching and how difficult it can be to get it in front of agents and editors.  So we provide participants with the tools, guidance, and practical advice needed to prepare their work for the increasingly-competitive marketplace.

Big Sur in the springtime!

For over a half-century, countless artists, writers, filmmakers have migrated to the towering redwoods and majestic coastline of Big Sur for contemplative, creative inspiration.  (Some guy from Brooklyn comes to mind.)  So if it’s inspiration you seek, you can’t do much better than Big Sur in mid-April (average high temperature?  A near-perfect 62 degrees.)

So, interested in registering?  Click here.  Have any questions?  Call us at 831-667-2574.

                                                               …an evening at the movies at the Henry Miller Library…


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